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den 23 januari 2009

  Moraliskt ansvar

Jag hittade precis en spännande ny sajt: Moral Accountability. Den påpekar det moraliska ansvar de kristna har som varit med om att placera Obama i Vita huset trots alla farhågor om att han kommer att slå hårt mot de ofödda och mot äktenskapet. Ur programförklaringen:

The Moral Accountability Project trusts that those self-identified pro-life and pro-marriage Catholics and Evangelicals who helped to put Barack Obama into a position to accomplish his goals were sincere in their admiration for him. We are willing to believe that they genuinely hope that he will go back on his pledges to attack pro-life laws and repeal pro-marriage policies. Still, actions have consequences, and the actions of these intellectuals and activists will have consequences that are all too easy to predict. With each assault of the Obama administration on laws and policies upholding the sanctity of human life and the dignity of marriage, we will ask all Catholics and Evangelicals, including those who supported Obama, to join us in resisting these assaults.

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