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den 13 mars 2014

  Den första kyssen (som den borde vara)

The wind blew her hair back as she stared across the water””her posture, without deliberation, unrelenting, her arms crossed against the sequined top to protect her from the chill. At first, concentrating on her face, and watching the distant lights reflected in her eyes, he hadn’t noticed that she was cold, but as soon as he did he removed his jacket and laid it over her. She pinched closed the satin lapels and was relieved not to have the wind flowing through her almost insubstantial gown.

He put his arm on her left shoulder and turned her until they were facing one another. She thought””she was sure””that he was going to kiss her, as she wanted him to, and he did, only once. The shock of it was such that, for the moment, once was enough. Many kisses, days of kisses, would come. Now he pulled her close to him, and with his left hand he took her hand as it clasped the lapels of his jacket. And then he looked at her, bowed his head, and closed his eyes as if in prayer. By the time he straightened not long after, she had accepted him as she had never accepted anyone else in her life. “I wanted so much,” he said, “this evening at the Georgica Club, to dance with you for as long as we could. I really wanted to dance with you.”

“You will,” she said. “You will. Ten thousand times.”

(Ur In Sunlight and In Shadow av Mark Helprin)

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