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Ondskans olidliga lätthet

Fick denna dikt tillsänd mig. Den handlar om ondskans olidliga lätthet:

My name is
Brand New Baby
But some will
call me choice
They don’t care
about my murder
Just because I
have no voice
My Mom says
‘it’s her body’
But tell me
how this can be?
The thing they
are destroying
Is little, tiny ME!
I know that it is true
That I need your womb to live
But since you are my mommy
Is that so much for you to give?
Now Mommies are not perfect
But most of them will try
To protect their little babies
But you want me to die!
I cannot understand it
So this I ask of you
Please tell me why you hate me
It’s the least that you could do
While other mommies coddle
Mine steps into a room
And whispers that she’s ’sorry’
While they turn on the vacuum.

Av Melanie Watson.

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