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Ledande brittisk filosof publicerar bok om nyvunnen gudstro

För ett par år sedan skrev jag [1] om Antony Flew, en brittisk ateistisk filosof, som blivit övertygad om att det måste finnas en gud trots allt. En viss debatt uppstod om vad han egentligen sagt och blivit övertygad om. Som för att skingra alla tvivel om var han står idag publicerar han nu en bok där han berättar om sin nyvunna gudstro. Titeln säger det mesta: There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.

amazon.com [2] kan vi läsa:

In one of the biggest religion news stories of the new millennium, the Associated Press announced that Professor Antony Flew, the world’s leading atheist, now believes in God.

Flew is a pioneer for modern atheism. His famous paper, Theology and Falsification, was first presented at a meeting of the Oxford Socratic Club chaired by C. S. Lewis and went on to become the most widely reprinted philosophical publication of the last five decades. Flew earned his fame by arguing that one should presuppose atheism until evidence of a God surfaces. He now believes that such evidence exists, and There Is a God chronicles his journey from staunch atheism to believer.

For the first time, this book will present a detailed and fascinating account of Flew’s riveting decision to revoke his previous beliefs and argue for the existence of God. Ever since Flew’s announcement, there has been great debate among atheists and believers alike about what exactly this ”conversion” means. There Is a God will finally put this debate to rest.

This is a story of a brilliant mind and reasoned thinker, and where his lifelong intellectual pursuit eventually led him: belief in God as designer.

Kanske ännu en titel att översätta för ”Humanisterna”?

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