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den 9 augusti 2007

  Katoliker, gör er hörda!

I en artikel främst riktad till amerikanska katoliker, skriver Robert P. George i First Things om hur sexskandalerna och de åtföljande uppgörelserna fått många att tappa förtroendet för katolska kyrkan. Men kyrkans röst behövs mer än någonsin:

This is no time for Catholics to be looking inward, gazing at our navels, too embarrassed (or desirous of the approval of cultural elites or fearful of their disapproval) to speak to the moral crisis of the culture. On the contrary, now is the time to bring our Christian witness, the very practical and effective love of Christ, unabashedly to the culture. Bishops need to lead on this, but not by becoming politicians; the primary responsibility to work in the political sphere falls to the laity. But bishops and clergy do their part when they challenge those of us in the laity to fulfill that great responsibility. Their role is to encourage, exhort, and even cajole us to do the right thing. Moreover, they should never hesitate to reprove us when we fail in our obligations to defend human life, marriage, and the common good, as far too many Catholics, including Catholics prominent in public life, have done and, alas, are doing.